CompTIA Linux+ LX0-103 Exam Powered by LPI

LX0-103 Exam Description

So far as the LX0-103 CompTIA Linux+ Powered by LPI test is concerned, there are two parts of this test and you must be able to pass both in order to receive the LX0-103 Linux certification.
In order to be successful at acquiring this certification, you must be able to:

  1. work at the Linux Command Line
  2. perform basic and easy maintenance tasks that will allow you to use assisting users, adding users to a longer system as well as being able to execute backup and restore, shut down and reboot the computer system.
  3. install and configure a workstation easily and you must be able to connect it to a LAN or a stand-alone PC that must in turn be connected to the Internet.

Possible Careers

There are a number of career paths that you could follow as a result of gaining the LX0-103 CompTIA Linux certification; amongst these you could choose to be a Junior Linux Administrator, a Junior network Administrator, a system administrator or even a Web or Linux database administrator.

LX0-103 Exam Domains

Below are certain domains that appear in the paper that must be attempted by the candidate as well as the marks that one can gain if they correctly attempt and answer the paper:

  • 101 System Architecture 14%
  • 102 Linux Installation and Package Management 18%
  • 103 GNU and Unix Commands 25%
  • 104 Devices, Linux Filesystems  100%

LX0-103 Exam Technologies

Linux is almost everywhere you look in the IT industry- it powers all the supercomputers and many Web servers as well as tons of Android devices and even your Smartphones!

Linux has also formed the base for the LAMP development stock which means that IT users must now gain similarity with most of the Linux based technologies.

CompTIA LX0-103 Exam format

So far as the paper format of the LX0-103 CompTIA Linux exam is concerned, it has 60 questions within the paper, as well as multiple choice questions that demand to be solved over a period of 90 minutes and in order to win the highest score one must aim to achieve a score of at least 500 which out of the grand total of 800 marks, would be the passing marks.

LX0-103 Exam Audience

Our targeted audience happens to be students who are inclined towards the IT industry as well as young IT users who are aiming to achieve their Linux LX0-103 CompTIA certification in order to get the dream job they’ve always wanted!

Getting Ahold Of the LX0-103 Practice Paper

When all’s said and done, we now recommend that you actually go after the LX0-103 practice paper. It helps you learn about time management, is easy to solve and will simulate the same atmosphere as the one you will envelop yourself in during the course of the actual exam.

Once you’ve managed to get ahold of the practice paper you will now be able to very calmly and steadily prepare for the actual exam and won’t be beset by any of the worries or fears that you otherwise would have been if you’d gone for the paper unprepared!



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