Exam RH202 – Redhat Certified Technician on Redhat Enterprise Linux 4 (Labs)

Examination details

The RHCT lab examination can be held independently but it is combined with RH133 Red Hat Enterprise Linux System Administration. For examination preparation, the potential enrolls in RH202 can examine opting RH133 and RH035. Although these procedures are not needed or compulsory to opt for. The competitors should well-consider, that, to study along with the experience of real world system administration is an essential prospect to prepare for exam and without such, result will not favour success.

Target Audience

  1. Particulars who have already attempted for Linux certifications and want to attach accomplishment related certification to their statuses.
  2. Particulars who desire to acquire an RHCE and consider RHCT as an achievement on that track
  3. Particulars employed by OEMs that factory-install Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  4. Particulars which have chosen the RH302 Red Hat Certified Engineer Rapid Track Course should know that they are ready to choose the RHCT, but still are not prepared to attempt RHCE
  5. Particulars who have chosen RH133 and/or RH253 before Red Hat offered them the RHCT certification


Practical knowledge and skills mentioned in the above points are necessary. Individuals who are lacking the current experience and the mentioned skills may find it difficult to attain the certificate. The shortage of such skills will hinder them from clearing the exam. Kindly do not enrol for RH202, if not experienced with Red Hat Linux system administration.

Exam Contents:

RHCT examination is an accomplishment related practical exam on a live system. To clear the examination, it is necessary for the candidate to be well-versed in the following areas. In addition, you must score a minimum of 70 percent marks in section 2.

  • Section 1: troubleshooting and system maintenance (60 minutes)
  • Section 2: Installation and configuration (120 minutes)

Time Duration:

3 hours


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