Linux LCP-001 Exam

Overview of the Linux LCP-001 Exam 

The Linux LCP-001 Exam consists of a range of training options for increasing the use and knowledge of Linux among individuals, as well as..companies. Both Linux system administrators and Linux developers are provided with an opportunity to enhance their skills of using Linux by the Linux Certified Professional (LCP) certification.

Outline of the Linux LCP-001 Exam

The Linux LCP-001 Exam is divided into three modules which are Module 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Their details are:

  • Module 1 provides the basic knowledge of Linux, which includes
    • Operating system’s overview
    • Reasons for the need of UNIX in training
    • Architecture of the UNIX file system (This comprises of Boot Block, Super Block, Inode Block and Data Block.)
    • Installation process.
  • Module 2 gives the candidates knowledge regarding
    • Structure of the directory
    • Listing of files and directories
    • Compression of files
    • Commands to do with UNIX
    • Commands for communication
    • Commands for networking.
  • Module 3 helps the candidates in knowing more about
    • Disk and backup utilities
    • Filters and pipes
    • Job and process control
    • Grep
    • Vi editor
    • Editing of files.

Information about the Linux LCP-001 Exam

  • The exam is MCQ based, having forty questions.
  • The minimum passing percentage is 70%. This means at least 28 out of 40 questions must be answered correctly.
  • The duration of the exam is one hour.
  • It is an online exam which can be taken anywhere.

Audience Targeted by the Linux LCP-001 Exam

The target audience comprises mainly of people who are already administrators, who are new to the use of the operating system and who want to know more about its use.

What is the Cost of Linux LCP-001 Exam?

The standard package and the premium package cost $70 and $150 respectively. Also, the voucher for the exam has a price of 128 USD.

Reliable Source of Linux LCP-001 Exam?

Preparation is a fundamental factor influencing the attainment of success in Linux LCP-001 Exam. If you are interested in high-quality preparation material, take a look at the services provided by Linux Buddies.

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