All You Need To Know About The Red Hat Linux Certifications

The Red Hat Linux certification programs have been regarded as the most authentic and crucial certifications in the field of IT.  These certifications basically intend to validate the knowledge and skills of the professionals in Linux environment. The individuals with Red Hat Linux certifications enjoy many benefits in their practical field as they get an impartial validation to their knowledge. Now, we will discuss some of the most popular and in-demand Red Hat Linux certifications.

Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)

This certification program tests the skills of the core system administration, for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The experienced Red Hat enterprise administrators of the Linux system can take this exam or those professionals who are on the path of attaining the RHCE certification. EX200 is the exam code for this certification. The cost of this exam is $ 400. The duration of this exam is 2.5 hours.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

This is another certification which tests the ability and knowledge of the professionals working in the senior system administrator responsible for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems. The eligibility criterion for getting this senior level certification is the RHCSA Certification. The EX300 is the exam code for this certification which is a performance-based exam. The cost of this exam is $ 400. And the total duration of this exam is 2 hours.

Red Hat Certified Security Specialist (RHCSS)

The RHCSS is a basically advanced level of Red Hat certification program, which validates the knowledge of the candidates in directory services, network services security and authentication and the enhanced Linux policy management.  In this certification the candidates had to pass three exams i.e. Ex333 which is a network services expertise 6hours long exam. The second one is EX423, Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in directory services and authentication exam and is 4 hours long. And the EX429 is the SELunix policy administration exam, which is also 4 hours long in duration. All these three exams cost $ 600 and are performance based.

Red Hat Certification Datacenter Specialist (RHDS)

This senior and advanced level of certification gives validation to the knowledge and skills of the professionals in the system administration of the Linux environment. Individuals possessing the hands on experience in the critical environment of the datacenter using Red Hat technologies are eligible for this certification. In order to get this advanced certification, a candidate has to pass four essential exams, EX401 4 hour’s exam about enterprise deployment, EX423 another 4 hours exam on directory services and authentication, EX318 a 3 hours exam on virtualization administration, EX436 a 4 hours exam on enterprise clustering and storage management.  All of them cost $ 600 and are performance based exams.

Red Hat Certified Architecture (RHCA)

This certification focuses on the enterprise level completely and is regarded as the most important certification program. The candidates who wish to attain this high level of certification must pass some essential exams i.e. EX333, EX401, EX423, EX318, EX436, EX442 and EX413. The EX333 is about enterprise security networks, EX401 is about enterprise deployment and systems management, EX318 is on Virtualization administration, EX436 is on enterprise clustering and storage management, EX 442 is about enterprise performance tuning and EX413 is about the enterprise server hardening.

Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA)

This certification validates the knowledge and skills of the individuals in deploying and managing the visualization infrastructure, its hosts and the guests, using the Red Hat enterprise virtualization. The Exam EX318 has to be passed in order to get this important certification.

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